Rapper Meek Mill has hired a etiquette coach to help him with dining skills.  After being ordered to go through an etiquette course from the courts, the MMG rapper wants more lessons. 

Last year Meek violated his probation from 2008 gun possession charge and was ordered to take the etiquette course.  Initially, the Philadelphia rapper was happy about the order from the court.  Now, we see that he's welcoming the behavioral change in his life. The judge who made the rapper attend the class felt Meek needed to improve his social media tactics.

According TMZ, Mill's lawyer says he passed the class with flying colors especially in areas of dressing for success and communicating on social media.  Gail, from the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol, will continue to teach the 'Levels' emcee how to properly blend in with high society on an international level.

Meek recent sat down with GQ and talked about his plans for 2014.  The 'DreamChaser 3' rapper talked about his new venture outside of music and who he's sharing the movie screen with in the new year.

GQ: What are you working on outside of music?
Meek Mill: Starting a clothing line right now. Reversible flight jackets and stuff like that.

GQ: Dreamchasers 3 has been out for a minute now. What's next for Meek Mill?
Meek Mill: Up next is the album, touring, and a little movie on the way for "Tony Story" with Queen Latifah. That should come out some time in February.

Meek Mill is one of the young rappers to really look at in the future.  Hiring the etiquette coach should help Meek's public image and open up doors for him with major corporations.  Look for a video series on dining with Meek Mill. That was a joke.