Rihanna almost suffers a wardrobe malfunction in her 'Diamonds' video.  Today, the 'Unapologetic' singer released the behind the scenes video of 'Diamonds.'  During the footage we catch a quick look at a possible wardrobe malfunction.

Rihanna knows how to get attention and seems as if no matter what she does, cameras are around.  The pop singer is ready for us to see her new video 'Diamonds' which will air on MTV tomorrow at 6:55pm.  The video attaches itself the success lead single from RiRi's seventh solo studio album,  Unapologetic.

In the video below, Rihanna pulls up her dress from falling down off her chest.  She does it so fast you may miss it the first time you watch it.  After pressing play on the video, go to the 29 second mark and enjoy. [spotted at LV]


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