Rihanna announced plans to release her '777 Tour' documentary on DVD the day after it debut's on FOX on May 6th.  Her fans weren't talking about the DVD though, they were busy blasting her for dropping 'N-bombs' on a toddler over Twitter.

Her fans were begging her to stop using the N word so much especially when she posted these pics from her vacation.


Both captions refer to the toddler as her 'Ni&$a' and it's caused quite a controversy.  Some are even calling her a hypocrite after her harsh words to a Dutch magazine for using the N word towards her in an article.  Do you think it's a big deal for her to use the N word, or is this being blown out of proportion?

On a lighter note, Rihanna released the third and final trailer for her '777 Tour' documentary which will air on FOX May 6th.