Rihanna is definitely the "It Girl" right now, and has such an open personality that it seems like a bad hair day wouldn't phase her.

It turns out that even Rihanna freaks out over a bad hair day, but when she freaks out it's to the tune of about $24,000!

She was in London prepping for an appearance on a TV show when she visited the hotels pool and sauna.

When she came out her hair looked like she combed it with a fan, and she was unable to tame the mess.  She called her stylist in LA and flew her to London that day to fix her hair.

The trip was expensive, but Rihanna didn't want to chance a stylist in London that she didn't know.

She shoved a hat on and continued with rehearsals for the show until the "disaster" could be corrected.  If you are not worried about turning into stone, take a look at Rihanna with her hat on below.