Do not think you're the only one having trouble with collectors because Rihanna was recent slapped with a lawsuit over her Granny's $150k funeral.  She may have to pay up.

The 'Unapologetic' singer held back no expense for the life celebration of her grandmother.  The late granny was shipped back to the Barbados for burial, tents, large screens, and exotic floral arrangements were apart of expensive custom package according to TMZ.

The funeral company says 'Pour It Up' singer has paid about a quarter of the bill but refused to cough up the dead presidents.  The filed lawsuit says that RiRi felt the bill was out of control but the funeral company says her demands cost a lot of money.

Due to RiRi's crazy behavior, I can see this lawsuit having some credence.  She's well able to pay the bill and should because now shame is coming on her grandmother's last moments.  However, I think the funeral home should have gotten at least half up front.

Do you think Rihanna is trying to skip out on the bill?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.