Want to score $50 Visa gift card? All you have to do is hit us up on the awesome new music messaging app -- MSTY! Get all the details here.

The new app MSTY makes it easier than ever to bring life to the messages you share with friends. MSTY lets you combine, music, text and photos to share with your friends in just a couple of seconds... no Photoshop or YouTube required. It really elevates your messaging game to a whole new level. The best part is that you can download it free right now for Android and iOS.

Contest Details

Once you get the app, just send us a MSTY showing what you're thankful for this Thanksgiving to the phone number 810-279-0541 (will show up in MSTY as Thankswinning) and you could win a $50 Visa gift card. Pretty easy right? Just in case you're still unsure of how this works -- here's a quick recap:

How to win a $50 Visa gift card with MSTY:

  1. Download the MSTY app

  2. Send us a MSTY of what you're thankful for to 810-279-0541

  3. Enjoy sending MSTYs to your friends until we draw a winner at random on Wednesday, November 25