Serena Williams may the tennis court for a chance to become the next female rapper.  TMZ has leaked audio of Serena Williams rap song that remains namesless. I know you are probably thinking to yourself is has to be a joke.

Well the joke is on you if you think this Serena Williams song doesn't exist.  The song is real and not as bad as you would think.  Many athletes have become singers/rappers and none of them have transitioned well.  I think Serena Williams could pull it off especially with the low numbers of female rappers.  Check the song out and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

TMZ broke the story ... Serena laid down some tracks last year at a Florida record studio called B Major Music Group -- owned by Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, who's good friends with the Williams sisters.

Now, one of the tracks has finally surfaced -- and it ain't half bad.

The lyrics are a little cliché -- shocker, another song about "balling hard" -- but her flow is surprisingly not annoying. She even gives her sister Venus a little shoutout.