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8-1-Show Live Winner
Fifteen of the best rappers in Flint battled it out to see who would win the 8-1-Show Live championship.
Dog Flu Outbreak
Canine Influenza is running through Mid-Michigan right now and pet care officials are encouraging all owners to get a helpful vaccine for your dog.
Miracle Treat Day
Helping Hurley Children's Hospital has never tasted so good
Thou Drops All In 5 EP
'Thou' aka Thousand Bars dropped new music this week and the 'All In 5' EP is definitely something you need to check out.
8-1-Show Live Round 2
The search for Flint's best rapper moved into the second qualifying round this weekend, and the fire was just as hot for 8-1-Show Live.
Hamady Opening
The wait is over for the Hamady Complete Food Center to open their doors to the public.
8-1-Show Live Round 1
Rappers from all over the city showed out during the first round of '8-1-Show Live' last weekend.
Wahlburgers Coming To Flint
Mark Wahlberg appeared in Flint Township via video this week to announce the latest Wahlburgers location opening in Flint.
Flint's Best Rapper
The 8-1-Show Live is your chance to flex your lyrical muscle and get paid for doing it.
Prime Day: Shop or Boycott?
Amazon Prime Day is causing a division between online shoppers and the people that handle the products they buy.
Elon Musk Helping Flint?
Elon Musk has committed his help to make sure that Flint finally puts the Flint Water Crisis in the past.