While her sister Beyonce was announcing her pregnancy and winning awards at the VMA's, Solange Knowles was having a completely different night.

Solange hit twitter to let everyone know about an incident that went down between her and Miami Police Officers.

Shortly after she described the discrimination, she described the Miami PD as arrogant and egotistical.  She did file a report with the police, check out her twitter timeline below to see the entire event.


Solange did get back online later in the night to take some time an congratulate Beyonce on her pregnancy.  I personally want to give Solange credit for doing this considering the traumatic event she just had, and the fact that she has known about Beyonce for more than a month.



The Miami PD are conducting an investigation based on Solange's complaint call.  They tell the story that Solange was trying to get into a nightclub with a five foot tall inflatable banana, and when she was asked to deflate it she became unruly.  Two off duty officers escorted her across the street to try and calm her down.

Is this a case of Solange just being salty, or are the police telling a watered down version of their side of the story?