T.I. was just released for a halfway house in Atlanta and was already out living the night life! Tip hosted a club night at Compound in ATL with Diddy, Nelly, Young Jeezy and more. After drinks were flowing one fan was seen by Puff drinking Grey Goose, his competition. Diddy called out the man and things were pretty nasty. Luckily for T.I. nothing escalated and you can see him on the mic talking about how he doesn't need that kind of drama in his life. Watch the entire video below.

T.I. says he's humbled by the love his hometown of Atlanta has shown him since he got out of prison.

He said:

"I feel phenomenal. But I've always been the kind of guy. I never really get a chance to soak up the feeling of the moment because even as we speak, I'm planning for the next moment. I'm looking to the future and trying to just move forward, just moving forward. I refuse to remain stagnant."