Affion Crockett

Marlon Wayans Talks About Hip Hop [Video NSFW]
In the entertainment field, Marlon Wayans has been around for 2 decades, and comes from an iconic family.
Marlon is known for doing such films as 'Mo Money",  "Scary Movie" "Scary Movie 2" and my favorite show "The Wayans Brothers&qu…
Affion Crocket ‘Headlines’ Parody [Video]
Affion Crocket pokes a little fun at Drake and his huge eyebrows in his parody to 'Headlines'.
I never noticed how big drakes eyebrows are,and when you really look they are pretty damn big. I mean I know I have some huge eyebrows but damn Drake!
Affion Crocket is a hilarious comedian, he's just having…
Affion Crockett “I Am John Legend” [Video]

Affion Crockett puts his on spin on the movie I am legend by replacing Will Smith with John Legend, and it turned out to be pretty funny!
I will admit I slept on Affion Crockett for a while, which I regret because this dude is mad talented! He does some of the best impressions of Kanye and Jay-z that…
Chris Brown And Affion Crockett In A Michael Jackson Battle [Video]
'In The Flow' is a new show starring Affion Crockett, and so far it is hilarious!
In the latest edition Affion decides he is going to tribute the King Of Pop, until Chris Brown comes on stage and out-tributes him.
The show looks like it is going to be a hit, but who knows how long it will la…
Affion Crockett Talks About His Impressions [Video]
Affion Crockett has his own show now on Fox called "In The Flow with Affion Crockett". I like him, seems like a cool guy. Not to mention he does great impressions. Well he did an exclusive recap or video of his favorite impressions over the years. This was hilarious and I forgot ho…