Antoine Dodson

Chick-Fil-A Has A Supporter In Antoine Dodson [Video]
Chick-Fil-A has come under a ton of fire lately after their stance against gay marriage.  People in the gay community, and many others have called for boycotts of the restaurant, but Chck-Fil-A got an unexpected endorsement recently from Antoine Dodson.
Antoine Dodson Busted For Weed
YouTube sensation and...well that's it, just YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson was busted for weed over the weekend when he was pulled over for speeding. You would think that Dodson would take his own advice and "Hide ya weed, hide ya drugs" but that obviously wasn't the case! We have the m…
Run And Tell That (And Get Paid)
I almost feel ashamed that we are making this guy a superstar!  If I ever get off the floor from laughing I'll be sure to rethink who I support.  Watch the video here.