Auto tune

‘Autotune the News’ Turns Presidential Debate Musical
That's what was missing from yesterday's debate -- a keytar! Brilliant YouTuber Schmoyoho went through footage of the debate from last night between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and made it into quite a catchy little song. One way or another, you WILL be interested in politics this electio…
T-Pain Pitches Auto Tune Gifts For Christmas [Video]
T-Pain has found a new way to make some extra money off of auto-tune.
He is marketing two new 'I Am T-Pain' items, one for the iPhone and the other is an actual microphone.
Check out other artists reactions to the 'I Am T-Pain' app!
‘Reality Hits You Hard Bro’ Gets A Songify Remix [Video]
I'm sure you've seen the news story about the 'Reality Hits You Hard Bro' guy.
His name is George Lindell, and just like Antoine Dodson before him, he is about to become an internet celebrity thanks to the Gregory Brothers.
Without the auto tune makeover, this video was hilarious, …
Cat Lover Gets Autotuned [Video]
Over the weekend I downloaded the Songify app for my iPhone, and proceeded to make hours of terrible music.  Basically you can record any audio and turn it into your very own auto-tune hit.  The Gregory Brothers have a Songify this channel on youtube that is definitely worth the time to ch…
5 Yr. Old Get’s Auto Tune Remix [VIDEO]
Last week I posted a video of this 5 year old girl talking all adult about how she wasn't going to get married until she had a's too funny! Well the auto tune guys have gotten a hold of her video just like they did with Antonie Dodson. Let's see if you like the remix