Batman Vs Superman

Batman vs Superman: Rap Battle [Video, NSFW]
We are all aware and excited to for the release of the new Batman vs Superman movie in the spring of 2016. So as we all await for this joyous day, us non comic book readers have to sit and guess who would win this epic battle.
Parody of Batman Vs. Superman [Video, NSFW]
To all of my friends who aren't deeply into comic books (myself included) and have wondered how did Batman versus Superman really happened, this video will pretty much explain everything.
Breaking News: Batman Vs. Superman May Be Canceled [Video]
Comic book fans and regular movie goers are salivating at the mouth for the upcoming DC Comics movie.
The upcoming movie (which is said to be released March 25th 2016) just so happen star two of the greatest comic book heroes of all time Batman and Superman.
‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Will Film Near Flint Soon
Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will be spending a little more time in Michigan than previously reported.  They will still do some filming in Detroit for 'Batman Vs. Superman', but it recently came out that crews will also be near Flint soon.