Dubstep Beatboxer Wows The Crowd [Video]
If you asked me to define 'Dubstep' I couldn't do it in words, but I would show you this video.
This street performer in Milan has the crowd wrapped up, even so much that one little girl tries to get down.
Free Beats Mean Anyone Can Take The Mic [Video]
It's a proven fact that the general public will take anything, as long as it's free.  So Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan decided to see what the people of New York would do with free beats.
So many different people took their share of the free beats, and showed off a pretty wide array of skills.…
Daichi Probably The Best Beatboxer You Don’t Know [Video]
Daichi is submitting his video to enter the Beatbox battle wildcard. What is it you say? Well from the very very very accurate information that I have gathered, It's seems to be an underground Beatbox competition to the death. Two competitors enter only one leaves, and Daichi has never lost. I hear …