Your Birthday Could Be Deadly!
If you've got a birthday coming up, we're not saying that you should panic . . . BUT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY PANIC!
A new study shows that the odds of dying on your birthday are increased! So go ahead and have that extra piece of cake.
How Common Is Your Birthday?
Odds are good you know at least one person that shares the same birthday as you, but how unique is your birthday in the big scheme of things.
Bus Driver Gets Surprise On His Birthday [Video]
A Bus driver has no clue that he's about to get one of the best birthday surprises ever!
A group of random people get together to Flash Mob the local bus driver and wish him a Happy Birthday. This has to be one of the nicest things I have seen in a long time. This also proves that their still some go…
Take Your Kids On Stage To Meet Barney For His Birthday [Contest]
Barney is coming to Flint and you have the chance to meet him for his Birthday.
Register here to win and make sure you bring the kids out to the Genesee District Library in Fenton for another chance to win with Clay.
Clay will host 'Story Time With Barney' at the Fenton Genesee District Library on Thu…
Jamie Foxx Spent His Birthday With Ellen.
Normally the only way Jamie Foxx can sing, and sound good is after the studio producers work some magic.  That's why I was so impressed at his performance yesterday on Ellen for his 43rd birthday.  He really only hit one bad note, and recovered nicely.  Check out the video below …

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