Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Fakes Out a Entire NBA Team + Brutally Slam Dunks
Blake Griffin fakes out a entire NBA team and then brutally slam dunks the basketball.  The former Sprite Slam Dunk champion gets a wide open dunk after faking out the Golden State Warriors team with a nice ball fake. I can't wait until the NBA season starts.
Blake Griffin Fouled Hard In New Orleans [Video]
With all of the bounty talk in New Orleans, the last thing they needed was more fuel to the fire.
That's exactly what they got though when Jason Smith decided to plow through Blake Griffin on a fast break last night.
How To And How Not To Finish In The NBA [Video]
Have you ever watched an NBA game and saw something so bad, that you are convinced that you could play in the league?
Nick Young of the 'Wizards' provided us with that moment in a game against the Laker's the other night.
The problem is that on the same night, Blake Griffin showed us al…
Shawn Kemp Slams Blake Griffin [Video]
Even though Blake Griffin is not the current slam dunk champion, most people consider him the best dunker in basketball today.
Some people might even say he is one of the best ever, but not Shawn Kemp . . . he has some things to say about Griffins "dunks".
Blake Griffin’s Failed Kia Optima Dunk Interview [Video]
Blake Griffin might be the best' dunker' to ever play the game, but it's not always as easy as he makes it look. Remebmer last year when Griffin dunked over a Kia during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest?
Well Funny Or Die's Wyatt Cenac had a chance to interviews Blake about the failed Ki…
Blake Griffin Over Kendrick Perkin ‘Dunk Of The Year?’ [Video]
OK let's just get it out there now...was this even a dunk? Last night LA Clippers forward Blake Griffin went up and over Oklahoma City Thunder's Kendrick Perkins in a big win. If you've been under a rock for the last 24 hours, watch the video below and take a close look. Does Griffin …

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