Dave Chappelle Gets Booed Off Stage [Video]
Dave Chappelle once was a great in stand up comedy, but after leaving comedy central and giving up his hit show things just seem to spiral out of control.
With being considered the best in the world at one point must carry a tremendous amount of stress. Everybody loved Dave Chapelle, up until he went…
Justin Bieber Booed At A Knick Game!
I guess there's a such thing as too famous... And the people of New York were tired of Bieber... BOOOOOOOOOOOO! peep!
Usher Booed Off Stage In Germany
Usher had a not-so-Usher moment at his show in Berlin, Germany. He was forced to cancel his Wednesday concert at Berlin's 02 Arena because of illness, so he rescheduled the show for the next night and promised his fans "the show that you all properly deserve." That didn't happen.
Kanye Booed At Parade In NYC
Kanye West performed his track "Lost in the World," atop a moving float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Kanye was on the Big Apple float wearing leather, chains and fur. Was he booed, behind the scenes? Check it, below.