Mike Tyson Highlight Knockouts (Street Fighter Edition) [Video]
Mike Tyson at one point in time was the most destructive force in all of combat sports. So much so that the popular video game Street Fighter modeled a character after him called Balrog.
Check out this compilation of nasty knockouts from Iron Mike with some street fighter sound effects!
Boxer Gets Too Cocky and Ends Up Knocked Out [Video]
Boxer Daquan Arnett knocks out Miguel Zuniga for getting a little too cocky in the middle of the ring.
Showboating is and still will be a big part of combative sports. It's a way of luring your opponent into doing something stupid. But a word of advice, never showboat while getting punched in th…
This Little Girl Can Beat You Up [Video]
This video of what seems to be a 5-year-old girl training and it scares the hell outta of me. Why? Because I know in a few more years, if not now this little girl will have the potential to kill some one with her hands!
Which, is pretty awesome at the same time.
50 Cent Speaks On Mayweather Beef [Video]
50 cent sits down with Big boy and discusses the whole beef situation between him and Floyd Mayweather.
There's a lot of things behind the scenes that you never get to see or hear. 50 is brutally honest in this interview about Mayweather and how he acts and how he treats the people around him.

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