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I Am Jack’s 20 Facts About ‘Fight Club’
If you're a big Fight Club fan (and, if so, who can blame you), you might have seen a lot of the subliminal messages cut throughout the film like the many split-second Tyler Durden appearances or the occasional flashes of, ahem, the male anatomy. But, here's something you may have missed: …
World War Z Trailer Looks Like the Next Epic Zombie Movie! [Video]
Brad Pitt stars in the up coming zombie apocalypse movie called World War Z, and I gotta say. You've never seen zombies like this!
This movie will definitely be a mile stone in the catalog in great zombie movies. I know that's a pretty bold claim, but after you watch this trailer. You'…
Killing Them Softly [Movie Trailer]
Brad Pitt stars in the upcoming movie 'Killing Them Softly' and it's looking pretty good! Not to mention one of my favorite actors of all-time The Soprano's star James Gandolfini.
This movie revolves Brad Pitt figuring out who orchestrated a heist on a local mob related poker game…

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