“Breakin” B-Ray’s Old Dance Tape [Video]
Before I was a On-Air Personality B-Ray was a BREAKDANCE FIGHTER!!! I use to think I was the man in my red Electro Rock shirt and "S" curl lol.
I challenge anybody to a breakdance fight! Bring your friends. Bring your family. Just make sure that there's an audience present when…
It’s Simple, This Is The Best Dance Battle EVER [Video]
Have you ever heard of Beat Street, Breakin, You Got Served, Stomp The Yard?  This video makes all of those movies look like Alfonso Ribeiro doing "The Carlton".  To put it simply, this might be the best dance battle video that you will ever see.
Club 93-7 Get’s Served!!!
Fynul Destination may have won the Dance Competition... But that was faaaaar from the end, watch the best battle  you've ever seen!!! Peep..