Can Marijuana Cure Cancer? [Video]
A compound found in Marijuana has been shown to stop the metastasis of cancer cells. Two scientist have been working on this for 20 years and have just now found some positive results! Now just smoking mary-jane won't stop the spread of cancer, it needs to synthesized first and then concentrate…
Dan Dewey Is A Real Life Hero [Video]
Dan Dewey can teach us all a very important lesson.  You don't have to have superpowers to be a hero.
All you need is a huge heart, dedication and some sweet shorts never hurt anyone!
Marijuana Can Help Cure Certain Forms Of Cancer [Video]
A recent study shows how Marijuana can help cure certain types of cancer. In some of the trails the cancer cells were completely destroyed.
Come on now. Even if Marijuana reduced the cancer by 1% it's worth looking into!
So many people are effected by cancer all over the world and if there's…
Cell Phones Cause Cancer [Video]
Little did you know that the number one device on the planet your cellphone is slowly killing you. Why is it killing you? why would anybody create a device that emits microwaves that literally cook your brain? I blame the Illuminati.