car accident

Arby’s Employer Describes Car Accident [Video]
When I ever I watch the news and they pan to an eye witness, I usually cringe because I know I will be seeing some ignorance. Well, in this case it is the exact opposite, this is pure comedy. During a news report a witness tells what he saw when an old lady crashes into Arby's in the middle of …
Bear Gets Hit By Car and Walks Off Like Nothing Happened [Video]
A random video feed catches a driver crashing into bear and you would think the bear would have died from the impact, nope he just walks away just a little scared.
This terrifies me. If I can't kill a bear with my car then how do you stop a bear attack? Some of you will say "Duh, shoot …
Soulja Boy Crashes His Red Bentley [Video]
Soulja Boy took his Bentley for a spin in Hollywood but ended up getting into an accident. There's no word on whether or not Soulja Boy was in the driver's seat.
Soulja Boy got into the accident while he was driving his red Bentley. According to TMZ, the other driver claimed Soulja crosse…
People Ok After Car Smashes Through Saginaw 7-Eleven [Video]
3 people escaped serious injury after a car smashed into a 7-Eleven in Saginaw County yesterday. The video is in slow motion. The woman on the right part of the screen, Holly Redmond, is in the process of becoming the franchise owner of this 7-Eleven.
Check out the story from ABC12 below:
Lady Hits Downtown Flint Parking Meter [Video]
Well it only took a few weeks, but RIP to a Downtown Flint parking meter. An accident Monday morning just before noon in Flint took out one of the city's brand new, solar-powered parking meters.
A woman was leaving the Genesee County Jail parking lot, when she somehow drove across the lawn and…
Mark Ingram Involved in Car Accident in Huntsville, Alabama
Flint native and former Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram was involved in a car accident early this morning in Huntsville, Alabama -- he and his passenger were unharmed, according to Ingram was in Huntsville signing autographs with ex-Alabama teammate Julio Jones on Thursday.
Grand Rapids Lady Flips Out Over $200 Towing Bill [VIDEO]
Tiffany Nealous of Grand Rapids went to pay here towing bill after a huge car pile-up on US-131 in Mecosta County. Well here bill was $225, after what she did in the video she is being charged with a bunch of felonies. Would you throw this big of a fit over $225?