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Charlie Sheen Going As Himself For Halloween [Pic]
Charlie Sheen has revealed that he will be going as himself for Halloween this year. He posted an Internet picture of him holding a mask of himself.
He has been in a good mood lately because many networks are interested in hearing his idea for a new show. Sheen is hoping to record a pilot of the s…
Mike Tyson’s Fist Breaks Steve-O’s Nose At Charlie Sheen Roast [Video]
Mike Tyson did not plan on breaking Steve-O's nose at Charlie Sheen's roast, I'm guessing that he didn't even plan on touching Steve-O.
That did not stop the 'Jackass' star from running full speed at the former heavy weight champ, leading with his schnozz.
What happened next was as about as predictabl…
Charlie Sheen Roasted On Comedy Central [Video]
Former Two and a Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen was roasted by Comedy Central over the weekend and the comics involved spared nothing. The roast is set to air on September 19th, but you can see a few clips from the roast below. Roast master Jeffrey Ross and even Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane had some…

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