The Brawl For All At The Mall [Video]
Pretty much in every decent size city in America the youth under 18 are banned at the mall without adult supervision, and after a certain time I believe they are banned in general. I am pretty much against this "Mall Rule" but this may be the perfect reason why this rule is in effe…
Things Santa Claus does That’d Be Weird If You’d Do Them. [Video]
Yes! Finally someone feels the same way that I feel,.
Just because you see something that is cute or romantic on T.V. or in a movie does not mean it will work well in real life.
In a movie if a guy breaks up with a girl, he will he constantly call her or "conveniently" pop up where she works…
Young Jeezy Gives Back To The Community [Video]
For as much negative publicity as Young Jeezy gets he does a lot of good things for underprivileged kids.
Young Jeezy went to numerous youth centers in the Atlanta area and put on his 3rd annual "Snow Drive".
This concept is nothing new but it makes you feel good when you realize the…