Key & Peele on ‘Deal or No Deal’ [Video]
As everyone knows by now I'm am a huge Key & Peele fan and like I said before I think they have the funniest sketch comedy show since 'The Dave Chappelle Show'.
In general I am a huge comedy fan and I pretty much like anyone or anything that makes me laugh.
Key & Peele-Substitute Teacher [Video]
Do you remember when you were a kid at school and you had a substitute teacher.
You would always play games, lie, stretch the truth and outright not listen.
I know I wasn't the only one that would ask for a hall pass to go to the bathroom and then never return.
Burying The Homie Comedy Skit [Video]
If you ever wondered what it would be like to bury a homeboy well this is it. Now doing this in real life is not funny, but we all need a laugh or two. Check out my mans Spoken Reasons a comedian from Atlanta as he shows you how it would be if you buried him.
Weird Al Has A Lady Gaga Parody [VIDEO]
Weird Al Yagh'aoihe (or how ever the hell you spell it) is known for some great parody songs of Coolio, Micheal Jackson and more, but Lady Gaga isn't having it! Gaga said NO to a parody of her hit "Born This Way"...Good news, I have it!! Take a listen
Tornado Took My Hamburger [VIDEO]
The News always seems to find the best people to interview when something bad has happened and this is the case in Jackson, MS. A tornado had just made it's way through the town and WAPT News 16 was first on the scene to talk with Eric Hubbard. Watch the interview to see what he lost LOL
Drake And Nas In New Funny Or Die [VIDEOS]
Both of these videos are too damn funny! This is the second comedy video I've seen Drake in and he does well. Nas I wouldn't expect this from, but his video is hilarious!! Watch both Funny or Die videos here!

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