Miami Police Shot A Naked Man Eating Another Man’s Face
A Miami cop shot and killed a naked man who was chewing on another man's face-- on an exit ramp of a major causeway.
A woman flagged down a police officer after seeing two men fighting on a walkway of the exit ramp. The officer approached the men and saw the naked man gnawing on the face of anothe…
Fake Cop Pulling Over And Killing People In Mississippi? [Video]
Someone posing as a police officer may be pulling people over in Mississippi and killing them, after two similar shootings this month, cops are asking for the public's help.
Both shootings were in very rural areas, and both victims pulled over voluntarily and had no car trouble. Cops say if Mississip…
Guy Calls Cops ‘Cuz Drunk Wife Won’t Let Him Facebook
Everyone knows calling 911 is for emergencies only – however, not everyone may see eye to eye when it comes to what constitutes an emergency. Such is the case of a central Florida man who used the digits to report his wife for not letting check his Facebook in peace, even after feeding her bee…
Cops Get Owned – Epic Pee Prank [Video]
Have you ever wanted to Prank a Cop and get away with it? These Cop get owned with an old fashion 'Pee Prank'. The Empire, sets things up with water bottles and cameras and let's the rest happen.
Come like the Empire and give us your prank ideas.
To Protect And Serve – Cop Takes Pic With Nude Woman [Video]
A Georgia cop may lose his job over a picture that was taken of him with his hands on a woman's naked butt. The picture is 11-years-old, but he can be punished no matter when it was taken.
The woman in the picture was a porn star appearing at a strip club that night, and the cop was in full uniform s…
How To Refuse A Police Search [Video]
Here is a video showing how to effectively refuse a police search without being harassed by a officer. Well I take that back, you still might get harassed.
Police brutality has been on the rise lately, and knowing your rights can save from serious trouble.
Cop Goes Crazy After Kid Refuses To Let Him Search Car [Video]
A dashboard camera shows a cop going on a tirade during a traffic stop after the driver tells him he can't search his car without a warrant.
The officer seems friendly enough when he first pulls the guy over. He starts off by saying he isn't going to give the guy a ticket, but asks if he can search…
Cop Caught On Tap Tasering Teenage Girl [Video]
A video shows a cop tasering a 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl in the groin seconds after she put her hands up. The video has been released as part of a lawsuit the girl is filing against the city.
The video shows the cop slamming her up against the car, then her raising her arms up to surrender moment…
Cop Busted Going 120MPH Down Miami Freeway [Video]
A cop in Miami was driving 120 mph on a turnpike because he was late for his off-duty job. A trooper spotted a patrol car changing lanes and driving dangerously fast. The patrol car wouldn’t pull over for four minutes. Eventually he pulled over and was ordered out of the car by gunpoint. The trooper…

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