Motorcycle Crash Compilation [Video]
The recent news about Michigan's motorcycle helmet law got me thinking. What does a motorcycle accident really look like? You never really grasp the concept until you see it, and trust me, they're brutal!
I couldn't imagine if anyone could have really survived without a helmet.
Crazy Guy Drives Into Store Trying To Run Over His Ex [Video]
You Tube
A man in Tennessee was caught on surveillance video trying to run down his ex-girlfriend in a pick up truck.
The video of what happened is unbelievable, and luckily for everyone in the area no one  was seriously injured.
The series of events caught on tape are a must see.
‘Drive Recklessly’ PSA Puts Things In A New Perspective [Video]
Reckless driving, distracted driving, cats driving and so many other types of driving are killing people every year.
This PSA takes a different look at the problem though, and maybe uncovers a problem that no one took the time to think of.
'Drive Recklessly' asks the hard questions that we a…
The Playground Can Be Dangerous [Video Compilation]
Playgrounds are safe places that are built for kids to have fun and enjoy their youth.
So tell my why this video makes them look scarier than any Wes Craven movie?
OK so playgrounds aren't really that scary but I guarantee you'll think twice about turning your back on your kids at the park t…
Rope Swing Goes Wrong [Video]
I believe in my heart that the reason the Internet was created was so we could see moments like this.
In the description of the video the cameraman says that many people had used the swing without incident.  Then the Internet gods, for reasons unknown, told him to pick up his camera and film Nik…
Jet Packs Are Not Ready For Public Use Yet [Video]
I'm pretty sure that by the year 2000 we were guaranteed a whole bunch of flying things.  Flying cars, flying skateboards maybe even some sort of hover shoes.
Here we are in 2011 and we don't even have a good jetpack!  I want refund!
A very small part of me feels bad for this guy, until I hear him say…
Real Madrid Runs Over Competition, And Girls [Video]
You may not know much about Real Madrid because they play soccer, and really who watches soccer anyway.
In fact I think the only time that we have heard about Real Madrid is when they ran over a fan during their championship celebration.
Well the champs were in the states, on the campus of UCLA, and i…
Girls Bike Jump Goes Very Wrong [Video]
There is a good reason that they put things like the X-Games on TV, it's because only a few people can do it.  Jumping on a skateboard, snowmobile or a bike is hard and takes a lot of practice.
That's why it makes complete sense that some random girl would think it's a great idea to try.  I mean she …

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