David Hasselhoff

Oh Hell Yes, ‘Sharknado 3’ Has a First Trailer
Because you asked for it, pleaded for it, mailed millions of pounds of chum to your local congressman for it, Sharknado is back and headed to Washington D.C. for a second sequel. The first trailer from Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! has arrived, and yes, a shark lands on the Lincoln Memorial.
David Hasselhoff and The Hoffsicle [Video]
How and why is David Hasselhoff still relevant? I mean yeah Baywatch was dope, but not because the Hoff was on it. Plus I figured once he was caught on video hammered in front of his kids going in on a Cheeseburger that he would fall off; guess not! Now there is a Hoffsicle out and hopefully it's no…