Poland Hosts Hilarious Wiener Dog Parade
Today marks the day Poland made our list of awesome countries. Why? They openly celebrate their love of weiner dogs! No, seriously. These folks have no shame, and they showed their affection by dressing up and parading around their Dachshunds like the grumpy bundles of cuteness they are.
Florida Man Wrestles Gator to Save Beloved Dog
We already knew that dogs love their masters, but how far will a pet owner go to protect their beloved pooch? In Florida, a 66-year-old grandfather recently wrestled a seven-foot alligator to save his West Highland Terrier. Answer is, pretty far, apparently.
Would You Break Into A Strangers Car To Rescue A Dog?
We've all walked by a car on a hot summer day with the windows cracked and a dog panting to death on the inside.
The question is, have any of us done anything to potentially save that dogs life?  Surprisingly enough about 1 out of every 25 people have!
1,000 Dogs Get Sick From Chicken Jerky Pet Treats [Video]
More than 1,000 dogs have become ill and even died in the U.S. after eating chicken jerky treats from China.
The Food and Drug Administration has been warning owners about continued problems with the chicken jerky strips, treats and nuggets from China since November.
$60,000 Dog Custody Battle [Video]
An Art gallery owner recently spent $60,000 of his life savings in a custody battle for a dog. Wait, like 60 grand of actual money?
OK I'm a dog lover myself but I don't know if I can part with $60,000 dollars. That's double and then some of the value of my house! Maybe I just haven&ap…
What Time Is the 2012 Puppy Bowl On?
The waiting is almost over and the competitors are drooling in anticipation. The big game is on Sunday. Rawhide bones are being anxiously destroyed, but soon ears will perk and heads will tilt when the first squeaky toy is tossed for 2012′s Puppy Bowl VIII on Animal Planet, Sunday Fe…

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