‘Shoenice’ Drinks A Bottle Of Jagermeister In 30 Seconds [Video]
The first time Chris 'Shoenice' Schewe was on our site he drank a bottle of vodka in 15 seconds, but now he's moved on to Jagermeister.
Just for the record, nobody should ever do this . . . EVER!  There is absolutely no reason to ever drink a bottle of alcohol like this, and will …
Drunk Girl Falls Off Of A Window Ledge [Video]
A day of drinking will help you forget about a lot of things.
Problems, Responsibilities, Stress and morals just to name a few.
I've never actually seen anyone drink to the point that they forgot about the law of gravity . . . until now.
What City Has The Drunkest Singles?
Looking for a good time that you might not remember?  Well the list you've been looking for is finally here!
The Washington Post put together a list of the cities in America with the drunkest single people.  Is it a coincidence that their city came in at the top spot?
March Madness Has a New Meaning in Michigan
With the NCAA March Madness tournie and St. Patty's Day right around the corner -- take warning when heading out to your favorite watering hole. Starting March 13th through April 3rd, 160 police agencies throughout Michigan will be cracking down on drunk driving.
Does Your Surgeon Have A Drinking Problem?
Is it possible that your Surgeon has a drinking problem?  That's the question that many are asking after a MSN Health report hit the internet yesterday.
The anonymous online survey found one conclusive thing, Alcohol use disorders are an issue with American surgeons.
Is is something that cou…

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