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Dwight Howard Jersey Torched By Orlando Magic Fans
Dwight Howard is the second NBA basketball player to have his jersey burned after leaving a NBA franchise.  If you are living under a sports rocks, Dwight Howard was traded to the LA Lakers to join Kobe Bryant.  Well, lets just say Orlando Magic fans are not so happy.
Dwight Howards Performs The Haka [Video]
Dwight Howard along with the All- Blacks Rugby team get together and perform the Haka. The Haka is a traditional dance of the Maori from New Zealand, it's was a dance that warriors would do before going into battle to intimidate there enemies. So why is Dwight Howard doing it?
Ballin’! B-Ball Trick Shots Old And New [VIDEOS]
Trick shot videos are surfacing on the internet daily; football, basketball and next there will be soccer or baseball. You may remember the original McDonald's commercial with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, then the remake with LeBron James and Dwight Howard; now there's these guys from Am…