FLO RIDA Gives Ellen A ‘Good Feeling’ [Video]
FLO RIDA was a guest on Ellen yesterday, and he treated the crowd to a performance of 'Good Feeling'.
FLO made his way into the crowd during the song as they sang along to another song of his that just gets stuck in your head.
Kristen Bell Tells Ellen About Her Sloth Meltdown [Video]
Kristen Bell loves Sloths.  I mean she really loves Sloths, maybe even more than this girl loves cats.
She tells Ellen about her surprise birthday gift from her fiance, and even has a video of her reaction when she found out what it was.
Want to try and guess it?  Well . . . It was a Sloth.
Rihanna Tells Ellen She Is Single, And Not Happy About It [Video]
Rihanna is everywhere right now, and she tells Ellen about the negative effect that has on her personal life.
With her 'Talk That Talk' CD being released tomorrow, Rihanna is a busy woman.
When she and Ellen get into dating discussions, Rihanna shows that maybe her schedule might be taking a…

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