Fast Food

Boy Finds A Finger In His Arbys Sandwich
A 14 year old in Jackson Michigan got a disturbing surprise when he bit into an Arby's sandwich.  He and his mother pulled away from the drive through window when he took a bit and pulled a piece of a finger from his mouth!
Does Your Job Make The World A Better Or Worse Place?
If someone randomly asked if you felt like your job made the world a better or worse place, what would you say?
In a recent survey more than 30,000 workers answered that question, and surprisingly only one percent said they made it worse.
So who are the one percent?  Let's just say that if y…
People Feel Guilty, Not Full After Eating Fast Food
Fifty-Four percent of people admit to feeling guilty after eating fast food, while another Twenty percent say they just feel bad after eating it.
It seems like everyone is trying to a little more to eat healthy, but a new survey shows that it all comes down to convenience.

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