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Internet Troll Becomes An Artist [Pics]
Let's start off with an explanation of an Internet Troll.  A troll is is named a troll because they troll the Internet looking chances to ruin other peoples Internet experience.
Normally I am very anti-troll, but every now and then one comes along with something so funny that it would be wr…
Butter, It’s What’s For Dinner [pic]
For the life of me, I still can't figure out why we have such an obesity problem in America today.  I mean, we had such good advice back in the day . . . check out the advertisement and see what I'm talking about.
Miguel Cabrera Has A Meme
It was only a matter of time; Meme's know no boundaries, no fame, no shame.  Meme's know one thing, find a funny picture and make fun of it.  Thanks to the fine folks at With Leather for this.