No Spare Tire? No Problem [Video]
They say necessity is the mother of invention and when the times get rough and you can't afford to replace that spare tire you'll be surprised at what you can do to get by.
The Hangover III Trailer [Video]
One of the funniest movie franchise is back, and from the trailer it looks as funny as ever.
With all of the memorable cast members back, this will sure to be a summer blockbuster showcasing the usual brash outlandish comedy that we are all use to and all love.
Karate Kid: I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up [Video]
The Karate Kid that fell into his toy box has gone viral. Not sure if this really happened or not, because you don't actually see him go in. The YouTube channel says:
'My wife heard him calling for her from his room before heading to Karate. 5 years old. Classic Akiva.' Check out the h…
Kid Goes Crazy Over iPod Touch [Video]
Do you remember being that little kid, waiting for Christmas morning to run and open your presents? If not, this kid will fulfill that for you. He was hoping for that new iPod Touch and he got it.
Watch how he reacts below.
The Gentlemen’s Rant: Halloween [Video]
Halloween is now less than a week away and The Gentlemen's Rant takes on October 31st. If you aren't familiar with The Rant's click the link above to check out their channel. Really it's just a bunch of dudes who sit around a bitch about something, but it's usually pretty fu…
Little Girl Talks Dirty [Video]
This little girl is the cutest thing ever! I can't wait to have kids so I can have them say dirty things all day. It seems like this is pretty authentic and I learned that her dad has a penis and Grandma has a pagina!
Watch the video below and tell this isn't the funniest thing you've …
Rope Swing Goes Wrong [Video]
I believe in my heart that the reason the Internet was created was so we could see moments like this.
In the description of the video the cameraman says that many people had used the swing without incident.  Then the Internet gods, for reasons unknown, told him to pick up his camera and film Nik…
Old Man Video Bombs News Story [Video]
I have no idea where this video was shot or for what news station and I really don't care!! I know you've heard of a little thing called Photo's where you get behind someone taking a picture and do something stupid! Well I think this old dude may have just done the very first Video Bomb…
Monkey Humps Mans Head [Video]
We've all seen the signs that say, "Please do not feed the animals" right?  I think they need a new sign at this park, maybe one about not sexually arousing the animals with your hair.  I'm actually trying to figure out whats more surprising in this video. …

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