Man Turns His Head All The Way Around [Video]
This man should not be alive, according to any Kung Fu movie I've ever watched.  Turning his head so it looks like it's on backwards is not normal, and should not be watched by the squeamish.  Watch the video below, and then go to the chiropractor.
Baby Gets Head Cut Off [VIDEO]
Before you get ahead of yourself...no a Baby Was Not Hurt In The Making Of This Cake, it's not a real baby losing it's head! It's a cake that looks like a baby who's getting it's head cut off lol I'd eat it!
Fence Jump Fail…[Video]
what happen when you mix boredom with a park fence and a camcorder? A really good video....
This is the most talented fail that I've seen in a while. Talented in the way that he was able to survive this! You know what this reminds me of? When Chris Jericho (WWE) did his signature move "…