Hockey Mom Gets On The Ice To Break Up Fights [Video]
The one thing that parents will never fully grasp is that youth sports are primarily meant for the kids.
The best thing a parent can do at any youth sporting event is watch and cheer . . . or run out onto the ice to give everyone a piece of their mind.  It's definitely one of those two thou…
Red Wings Fans Remember Zetterberg Hit Going Into Game 2 [Video]
The Detroit Red Wings lost the first game of their opening round playoff series against Nashville, but Wings fans have plenty of motivation going into game two.
In the final seconds of the first game Shea Weber shoved Henrik Zetterberg's face into the glass, which even in hockey, is illegal.&nbs…
Red Wings Todd Bertuzzi Gets Between The Legs Goal [Video]
The Detroit Red Wings are only in their pre-season matches, but that didn't stop Todd Bertuzzi from showing some "fancy sauce" against Chicago.
I admit that I am not a hockey fan at all, and probably won't do another Red Wings story unless they win the Stanly Cup.  I am a sports fan though,…
Best Kiss Cam Ever!
Leave it to a Canadian to finally pull off the best "Kiss Cam" in the history of Kiss Cam'ing. Of course it's at a hockey game so people are already bored...who can blame they guy for trying to spice things up a bit? Well done sir, well done.

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