Horror Movie

The Leprechaun Origins Trailer [Video]
It looks like Hollywood has done it again.
Hollywood has taken a movie that has a surprising cult following and will attempt to reboot and possibly make a hundred more sequels.
Charles Lee Ray Is Back In The ‘Curse Of Chucky’ [Video]
The 'Lakeshore Strangler' is back in his 6th installment in his 'Chucky' series.
The original series started in 1988 and has bloomed into one of the all time greatest horror movies.
The original story line was about a maniac killer on the run from the police, and just before dying he transferred his s…
‘Mama’ Makes me Scared of Little Girls [Video]
Mama is a movie based on two little girls being lost in the woods for 5 years and then try to re-adjust back into society. Sounds easy enough right?
No! Turns out these little demon babies brought something back home with them. Paranormal activity style!