Key & Peele

Jordan Peele Recreates James Brown Interview [Video]
I don't know how times I have to say it, but I think Key & Peele are comedic geniuses. In my opinion their show was the best sketch comedy show since Chapelle's Show. Pretty much everything they do is great (except for their recent movie Keanu).
Key & Peele Talk About Consequences [Video]
I have been saying for a few years now that Key & Peele are the best at doing sketch comedy since the great Dave Chappelle. They are better than the God awful Carlos Mencia. Every week these two comedians prove me right.
The Guy That Has to Speak After Martin Luther King Jr [Video]
As I mentioned before I think Key & Peele have the funniest sketch comedy show since Dave Chappelle and that is saying a lot.
Shows and comedians have come and gone which is very hard to do now a days, especially after following an act like Dave Chappelle.
Key & Peele on ‘Deal or No Deal’ [Video]
As everyone knows by now I'm am a huge Key & Peele fan and like I said before I think they have the funniest sketch comedy show since 'The Dave Chappelle Show'.
In general I am a huge comedy fan and I pretty much like anyone or anything that makes me laugh.
Key & Peele-Substitute Teacher [Video]
Do you remember when you were a kid at school and you had a substitute teacher.
You would always play games, lie, stretch the truth and outright not listen.
I know I wasn't the only one that would ask for a hall pass to go to the bathroom and then never return.