DJ Drama, MGK, and More Celebrity Birthdays – April 22nd
Today my older brother is celebrating his birthday and I left him a voice mail message this morning.  My curiosity had me searching to find out if any notable celebrities were celebrating a birthday today.  I came across DJ Drama, MGK, and many more famous people celebrating their born day…
MGK Performs ‘Stereo’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live
MGK performed 'Stereo' on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.  If you missed this performance, you were truly sleep.  I have not hid the fact that I am a MGK fan but you can become one too after watching this performance.
MGK Disses Mitt Romney In Tim Westwood Freestyle
MGK has dissed Mitt Romney in his Tim Westwood freestyle.  Giving a thumbs up to President Barack Obama, MGK gives us his stance on Mitt Romney. The Ohio emcee isn't playing around with this freestyle.
MGK Keeps a Bus Full of Women in ‘Stereo’ Video
MGK keeps a bus full of women in his 'Stereo' video.  The Bad Boy emcee keeps the video vixens near him on a tricked out bus.  The women love what they hear coming out of the stereo and even carry it with them.
MGK ‘Invincible’ Featuring Ester Dean – [Video]
MGK may not be my favorite rapper but his first single, 'Invincible' featuring Ester Dean, is my favorite song currently.  I don't know if this means I am becoming a fan of MGK, if so, I'm cool with it.  The Midwest emcee grabs one of the best song writers of the last c…
MGK Versus Verse Muney – Nightclub 937′s 2 At 10
Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK and Ester Dean look for win #5 tonight with 'Invincible'.
New artist Verse Muney will try and stop that run with 'Two Chainz'.
Who will you vote for?  Listen to the tracks and vote for your favori…
MGK Versus Chiddy Bang – Nightclub 937′s 2 At 10
Another win for Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK and can they get win #3 tonight with 'Invincible'.
Our boys Chiddy Bang will try and stop the MGK run with 'Mind Your Manners'.
Who will you vote for?  Listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite, then c…

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