Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Quotes – The Song [Audio]
Mike Tyson has been known for the best and baddest Heavy Weight Boxer, but now he's becoming more well known for his appearance in The Hangover Movies and 50 Cents Energy Drink Commercials. Just Dave put together a great song made up entirely of Mike Tyson quotes.
Mike Tyson’s Fist Breaks Steve-O’s Nose At Charlie Sheen Roast [Video]
Mike Tyson did not plan on breaking Steve-O's nose at Charlie Sheen's roast, I'm guessing that he didn't even plan on touching Steve-O.
That did not stop the 'Jackass' star from running full speed at the former heavy weight champ, leading with his schnozz.
What happened next was as about as predictabl…
Cats Take On The Treadmill [Video]
Cats always look like they are conspiring to take over the world while we sleep.  I think this video of Snowball and Pepper (the Cats) trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the treadmill proves that we are all safe  . . . at least for today!  Check it out.