2013 MTV Movie Awards Winners
The 2013 MTV Movie Awards winners, though by no means as hyped as, say, the 2013 Oscars, are a fun affair nonetheless. Most of the awards, with exceptions to the "specialty" categories, are voted on by the fans, which means many of the titles that got snubbed during awards season n…
Rick Ross Is Named MTV’s “Hottest MC” – Do You Agree?
Rick Ross was named the "Hottest MC" by MTV. He won the title by beating out competitors like Drake, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Rappers were judged by MTV's "Hottest" criteria, which included "impact, buzz, sales, lyrics, swag and the intangibles"…
Amber Rose Cries After Being Asked About Kanye West [Video]
Amber Rose had a mini break down on 'MTV Rapfix' recently when Sway asked about Kanye West.
Sway broke his usual routine of "What up world . . . It's Sway", and asked if Amber and Wiz were tired of being asked about Kanye.
That's when Amber lost it.

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