The Drainage of a Large Abscess is the Grossest Thing On Youtube! [Video]
This is a video of a large abscess being drained on an elbow joint and it will absolutely scar you for life!I couldn't watch the whole thing and it looks like a foot not an elbow.
Everybody has their thing that will just make you freak out. Some people hate bugs, I hate things like this! If this was …
Homemade Snack…Don’t Watch This [Video]
Don't say I didn't warn you...the Title says "Don't Watch This" which means you will probably click read more and watch the video anyway! I don't want to hear an complaints when you are finished. Take a look lol
Snakes In A Mother-Lovin’ House! [VIDEO]
You could pay me to live here...A real estate agent in Idaho is having trouble selling a house, even though he slashed the house's price by $66,000!
What's the problem?
It's infested with thousands of garter snakes. Check out the video here..