IMG: Real Cyclops Shark [Video]
Have you ever watched a show that was so informative that it blew your mind? Well this guy Vsauce has a show called IMG and I can say it's so random, that now I'm a fan.
Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty
The verdict has been reached by the jury today in the case of Michael Jackson's death. Dr. Conrad Murray is found  guilty  The case is against Dr. Conrad Murray who was MJ's primary doctor.
Anchor Loses It Doing “Fart” Story [Video]
I can remember being 9 years old and thinking farts were funny, this news reporter from Fox 8 News evidently still can't talk about passing gas without laughing. The story is about some guy getting arrested for farting (for lack of a better term) in front of an officer after getting a DUI! Watch the…
Flint “America’s Murder City”
Fox 2 Detroit made the trip up I-75 to Flint to see why the city is labeled "America's Murder City" After watching this video, there is nothing to be happy about. We really need CHANGE and we need it now!! If you have any ideas or opinions on what we can do to help change the …
Tornado Took My Hamburger [VIDEO]
The News always seems to find the best people to interview when something bad has happened and this is the case in Jackson, MS. A tornado had just made it's way through the town and WAPT News 16 was first on the scene to talk with Eric Hubbard. Watch the interview to see what he lost LOL
Drunk Guy Reports Live From St Pattys Day [Video]
I wish more news reporters had the vision to do something like this.  Basically you have two options when reporting about a boring parade.  1: Do a boring report on a boring parade or 2: Let a hilarious drunk guy do a report on a boring parade.  Good choice reporter, good choice.
Charlie Booker Exposes The News [Video]
Charlie Booker, from the BBC's Newswipe, asks the question, "Did you ever notice how all news reports seem the same?"  Then he goes on to answer that question better than anyone could have ever expected.  Check it out.
Funny News Bloopers
If you are anything like me...well then you are a little over weight and have a huge red beard!! Anyways, I can't get enough of people messing up on live TV. Check out some of these bloopers and feel free to leave a comment or link to some or your favs...

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