Mitt Romney Supporters in Ohio are a Bit Confused [Video]
Mitt Romney supporters from Ohio are interviewed about why they support Romney and you will not believe what they had to say.
This honestly scares me. I understand not wanting to vote for somebody and having really good reason for not liking the other candidate but this is just insane! The election i…
The Fort Steuben Bridge Gets Blown To Pieces [Video]
If you've never driven across the Fort Steuben Bridge, you have definitely missed your chance.
Unless you plan on driving over the thousands of pieces that it's in now after the awesome demolition.
Check out the video that I guarantee you will watch at least twice.
Ohio Man Sets 50 Wild Animals Loose In City And Commits Suicide [Video]
A suicidal man named Terry Thompson in Zanesville Ohio released 50 wild animals yesterday into a neighborhood  including Lions and Bengal tigers, then Commits suicide. Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my! I'm sorry I had to say it.
I don't have any remorse for a man that would purposely release Lions and T…