How Would You Handle A Stranger Randomly Holding Your Hand?
Some people just look awkward holding hands together when you see them in public.  The weird part about it is that most of them are doing it on purpose.
Imagine how weird it would be if one of the parties involved didn't know they were about to be holding hands!
Best Elevator Prank Ever [Video]
There's always that awkward exchange between people entering and exiting the elevator.
The people leaving have places to be, and the people entering want to get on before the door shuts.
What would happen if the person already on the elevator had no plans of leaving . . . ever?
Train Horn Pranks [Video]
After watching this video I have made a decision. I really need to get me a train horn for my car.
Whats more fun than scaring random people with a train horn? Well, there is one thing that would be more fun. You'll need a Michael Myers mask and a knife.
Sexy Sax Man [Video]
Some people play a instrument, but very few actually make love to that instrument.
And if they do, they couldn't make love to it like Sexy Sax Man could.
So ladies sit back and prepare yourself. Your about to be made love too.
Cheating Girlfriend Prank [Video]
Is this one of the best pranks of all time? What I love about this prank is how well it was thought out.
She completely masterminded this whole event! Down to the smallest detail. It's a little bit scary to be honest.
Snowman Prank Goes Wrong [Video]
This snowman is scary looking as it is, but sudden movement makes him that much scarier.
The scary snowman has actually been scaring people for a while now and actually has his own Facebook page.
Here are the top 10 scares of the year.
Walmart Shopping Pranks Are Hilarious [Video]
Three guys try to find out if Walmart really does have everything you could ever want, and if you're looking to laugh, they definitely do.
Asking for items like "Stove Babies', 'Cat Remover' and 'Babys First Pee Set' might seem like a lost cause, and really . . …
Stolen Car Prank [Video]
Trying to do a good deed can backfire especially when your helping a car thief. The scene seems pretty harmless, a guy ask for a little bit of help to start his car, but little do they know the isn't his!
The reactions on these people faces are priceless! I can't think of anything funnier t…
Michael Myers Scaring People At Theaters & Homes [Video]
A guy dresses up like Michael Myers and sports a 12 inch blade to add the finishing touch.
I don't blame a single person in this video for being scared. If I saw a tall dark figure in a corner with a knife, I would be scared too!
The house prank on the other hand back fired but was still hilarious. He…
Scare Tactics ‘Crop Circle Showdown’ [Video]
Scare Tactics hosted by Tracy Morgan delivers another classic scare to their roster of hilarious pranks.
I love a good prank. Especially when it goes really really well like this one. I wish Scare Tactics would come to Flint. Well no. That's a bad idea.
By the way, did you see the rat guy prank? …
Woman Freaks Out When Tricked Into Grabbing A Rat [Video]
A radio station decide to play a prank on a woman by tricking her into grabbing a rat. It's funny how freaked out ladies get when their around Rat/Mouses.
It's like Kryptonite! This lady is way to freaked out though. Like she would kill to get out the room if she needed to so she can get away from th…

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