Occupy Protester Threatens Macys With Molotov Cocktails [Video]
The Occupy Wall Street movement has started to get more violent as authorities  are evicting them from their camps.
We have all watched the videos of police brutality and protesters damaging property.
The guy in the beginning of this video takes home the award though for "Dumbest Protest…
‘Occupy Denver’ Protesters Arrested And Maced [Video]
Over the weekend more than 100 'Occupy' protesters were arrested around the country.
Denver saw one of the more physical confrontations between Police and protesters.
Things only seem to be heating up between protesters and authorities, but it feels like some of the protesters are doing it w…
The Occupy Movement Finally Reaches The One Percent [Video]
The Occupy Wallstreet movement has drawn a lot of reaction around the country from everyone, except Wallstreet.
That's all about to change as the one percent has joined together to talk about their views on America.
If you are unsure what the Occupy movement is really all about, check out this in…
Police Use Tear Gas On Occupy Oakland Protesters [Video]
Police used tear gas and flash-bang canisters last night to disperse a group of hundreds of Occupy Oakland (Calif.) protesters that was calling for the crowd to retake a plaza by city hall. Once the tear gas and flash-bang canisters were used, the crowd of 500-to-1,000 people rushing away from the…