Detroit Hit With Lawsuit Over Police Punching Man At MGM [Video]
The City of Detroit is being slapped with a lawsuit by a Livonia man who was punched by Detroit Police officers in the MGM Grand Detroit Casino.
Patrick Poisson is the man being punched in the video after an incident where he allegedly touched a waitress inappropriately on July 30.
After Poisson refus…
Woman Punches Bear, Escapes With Life [Video]
Ani Haas is a former US Ski Team member, and can now add "Bear Puncher' to her resume.
She was jogging in Montana last Friday when she ran into the path of a mother Black Bear and her cubs.  After realizing that she could not outrun the bear, she did what anyone would do.  No, not fall down and …
Freestyle Battle Leads to Violent Battle (NSFW) [VIDEO]
We all remember the final battle in 8 Mile -- B-Rabbit comes correct and wipes out the competition! Since then every white rapper dreams of the day he can flow in a battle like B-Rabbit. Introducing Franco, he goes to battle with Capitol Hill; Captiol Hill puts on his :30 and hands the mic to Franco…
Daniel Tosh Punched By Manny Pacquiao [Video]
Daniel Tosh of tosh.0 is quickly becoming everyones favorite guy on TV.  I am still on the fence as to whether or not I like him, but watching him get leveled by Manny Pacquiao definitely helps.  Everything about this video is hilarious, including the shot at Mayweather at the end.  C…
Atlanta Cop Punches Woman At An IHOP [Video]
Police Brutality or the perception of it seems to be on the rise, thanks to camera phones and youtube. In reality no one should be hitting, swinging, or doing anything violent to a Police Officer. But it seems like this is a growing trend lately, especially with women. I'm not sure if it's becaus…
Cats Take On The Treadmill [Video]
Cats always look like they are conspiring to take over the world while we sleep.  I think this video of Snowball and Pepper (the Cats) trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the treadmill proves that we are all safe  . . . at least for today!  Check it out.

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