Raz B

Raz B Accused Of Sexually Molesting A Chinese Boy?
Raz B from B2k is being accused of Molesting a 15 year old Chinese boy. WHOOAAAAA more and more stuff keeps coming out of the closet thanks to Raz B. First he Claimed that he was sexually molested by nearly EVERYONE in B2k, Now he's doing the molesting in china. Raz B just stop it, Stop it righ…
Omarion Likes Dudes?
Raz B's brother Ricky Romance has confessed that Omarion has been gay for a while but he has never come out of the closet.
Apparently back in 2009, O was dating a man who he took to a Ciara listening party.
Ricky Romance confirmed it in a Facebook conversation. See the Twitter posts here..